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In a society where men set the rules, could a feminine fertility festival have empowered women to the degree that it struck fear in men’s hearts? At first glance, it seems absurd to suggest that an ancient Greek fertility festival should empower women let alone induce fear in the hearts of men—yet the Thesmophoria was not just any fertility festival…..

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Ancient Greece

The Bronze Age Queen—Helen of Sparta

Celebrated as the most beautiful woman in the world, the allure of Helen of Troy …

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Ancient Greece

The Slaveholding City-State Of Sparta’s Liberated Women

On the face of it, Spartans might have felt right at home living under the …

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Ancient Greece

Giving Thanks, the Ancient Greek Way

The Original Thanksgiving… was only for Women? The sometimes Violent, sometimes Psychedelic Ancient Harvest Festival …

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Ancient Greece

Analyzing Antigone

The playwright Sophocles (497 – 405 BCE) might have been amused to find that nearly …

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Ancient Greece

Advance of the Amazons

It was love at first sight when Achilles locked eyes with the famed Amazon warrior …

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Empress Theodora—Sinner or Saint?

The hooded gaze of an inscrutable Theodora (c.497- 548 CE) greets hundreds of thousands of …

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